ROZVÁŽÍME‼️ A pozor za velmi příznivé ceny.

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Rozhodli jsme se váš oblíbený asijský brunch uspořádat kromě soboty i ve středu

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Nové degustační menu.

Překvapte své chuťové buňky naším jedinečným degustačním menu. Naše nové degustační menu jsme pro Vás připravili hned ve dvou variantách, kdy jedna z variant je spárována se selekcí lahodných vín.

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Super program in the children's corner. Every Sunday!

We have great news for you. Every Sunday afternoon there will be a children's corner full of great program, competitions, toys and entertainment for our youngest visitors, always from 12 pm to 4 pm.

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Great news for lovers of relaxation and privacy.

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Gold is currently a trend of modern gastronomy and therefore we are not left behind in Asian Temple. We have prepared a unique gastronomic experience for you, not only in Prague, but we dare say that even in the whole country.


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In collaboration with Prestige cakes by Arax, we have made three new delicious desserts exclusively for Asian Temple.

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Saturday's Brunch - All You Can Eat

Let's enjoy every Saturday in our restaurant with the original Asian Brunch where you will taste all you want. We prepare the best specialities from our menu so expect the most popular real Asian flavor.

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How was our REOPENING party? Impressive

It was Friday, April 20th, almost a month since we have a small fire in our restaurant. As you certainly know, it wasn't serious and nobody got hurt. However, thanks to it we had to close our door temporarily, because we have reconstructed intensively and worked on new stuff like a new modern lounge, new premises for the sushi preparation etc. There are many things that we have done in this short timeframe. That´s why we decided that as soon as we will have everything done and all right, we will prepare a little celebration for our guests – reopening of the Asian Temple.

This reopening took place on almost spring April Friday. We decided that we join this party to the opening of our sister restaurant right across the street – Restaurant Gruzie - and we managed to bring a permanent guest of us, a popular moderator Libor Bouček. Throughout the whole evening, he entertained present guests hilariously and originally. As you can see on photos, a popular red carpet could not miss including many popular faces from (not only) Czech showbusiness. We had prepared the tasting from a new menu for our guests and our cocktails prepared by skilled bartenders were also irresistible. Awesome atmosphere was pleasantly enriched by skills of our resident DJ Raffi and so the whole night stretched into the morning hours.

The goal was reached. Guests had a good time, ate and drank well and especially, they have taken away a pleasant feeling, the Asian Temple is open again and that is the best news not only for us but also for all lovers of authentic Asian cuisine.

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